''hidup tu sebijik macam MULUT..bila orang tu RAJIN gosok gigi, so mulut dia wangi..kalau PEMALAS, busuk la..takkan wangi kott...''

Friday, November 30, 2012



guyz, i am a student.. just in first semester..here i stand at almost the end of the sem..i have another five sem to go through..i quiet hard i guess, because this sem have give a lots of hard time and i dont know what will be happened another sems..

frankly speak, i not really like management subject (intro to info system)..it is kind of boring..my lecturer is too kind to wake me up from dreaming in class..not only me,its majority..

but seriously, after a few weeks keep dreaming, i start to realize..it is not my lecturer's fault..it is our faults..
we must be glad that our lecturer do not angry and always be patience towards our behaviors..we should hear what he is talking in front..because its full of experiences..he always did well, just because some people dont realize it yet..

what is important, we willing to learn..force ourselves to like the subject and then we will find the joys of doing that..

this subject teach me a lot..what i not know before,i known now..its business study..about how the internet functioning as a land of business...how the data being process through the technologies..about how systems join together to form a function etc...it just interesting..i dont lie..

wireless technologies are the most impressing topic for me..
huuhuhu...it is because i dont know how the internet can be connected into my laptop.
i do really curious before, i wanna google it, but always delay...hahahaha..

this topic has shows me how the signals being transmitted without wires over the air or in space..this signal will be accepted by satellite(several satellite for several main) then transmit data via line of sight.

satellite transmission

another communication transmission that is by radio transmission that uses radio-wave frequency to send data between transmitter and receivers, and by infrared transmissions..

microwave transmission

infrared transmission


one more thing about this subject that make me glad is because i would like to organize my small business..
and i'll talk more about it in my next post in shaa Allah..stay tuned guys...love yaa..

p/s MR.HARUN thanks for all your kindness..:)