''hidup tu sebijik macam MULUT..bila orang tu RAJIN gosok gigi, so mulut dia wangi..kalau PEMALAS, busuk la..takkan wangi kott...''

Thursday, November 29, 2012

in tied..


hmmmm...dont know what to begin with..
maybe its because i'm too nervous or too excited about this..
maybe t s not 'maybe' but OF COURSE!!! huehue

straight to de point, i'm already taken..yeayyyy!!

i never imagine this gonna be happened at my teen ages..for some people,maybe they will take a bad thought towards this situation..but for me, alhamdulillah i know i can do great..

I started knowing him since i was form one..and we getting seriously serious about this two and a half years..
we from the same area..his house just 20 minutes from mine..but, we rarely having a date or meet each other..what i can says that we are shy...kahkah..

My lovely man is 2 years older than me.it means, he got his 21 years old, and mine is 19 years old..
despite with these young ages, we grown up 4 years forward innerly..maybe some of the friends noticed how we do in the real life..its a bit differ from the other teenagers..

Honestly,i agreed that he is a handsome guy..he got white skin and tough figure (sometimes, i feel that i not perfect for him,and when i told this, he will make a bad face..huhu)..but what leads me to accept him is that i love how he protects me..even we not touch or hold hands together, i can feel something like a breeze, calm my heart..

He loves to cook..and got experts in that side..after his SPM, he went to KL and be accepted to take part in 
some big hotel, Hilton, Renaissance..he cooks for big people and that really impressed me..
after several years, he got to organize his family's business..then he returned to muar..currently, he having his own place to serve food toward people.. alhamdulillah , so far there is no quiet situation..its always fully occupied by people who love his food..

He most handsome when he do cooking front of me..   :')

time runs..
we do in such relationship, called couple..
Until when he tells me he wanna take me as his wife..heaven!!there's no word to describe my feeling..at that moment, i was studying at matriculation college..so, what i told him? jeng jeng jeng.. of course lahh, i told him to  meet my family..so that we can be bonded together,tightly...hehe...
what surprised me was that, he was not afraid or worried at all..he said, what ever will be happened,he will always loving me, even if my family rejects him..he said that, if we're destined together, we will be together no matter what...i hold the words..

after all discussion between me and my mom, and between his family, 'MERISIK' event occurs at 17th September 2012..teeheee...praise to god, there was no problem, and my side accepted him as a family to be..alhamdulillah..actually, this event caused our heart jumping all around..afraid to face a hard situation..

as planned from the RISIK event, we finally got engaged each other..and the day was on 28th oct 2012..^^
a very beautiful day going as smooth as we wanted..alhamdulillah everything were superb..the happiness greatly superb..

in shaa ALLAH, it wont take so long to just be FIANCE &FIANCEE..we plans to tied the knot as soon as possible..hehehe...i hope everything will go well..now,i struggles running towards scholarship..so that, it will helps for our better life..

sweet like a sugar,
blooming with the flowers...

heahhhh..lets the pictures paint you of the happiness of us..here we go..

both sides..

 accepted by mom.. :')

we engaged...   :) :) :)
haha..mom has been forced to hold that..

no shy...

9 vs 7

his family

we do peach...

:)..hope this will end with the happy marriage and lovely family..
in shaa ALLAH...  :')