''hidup tu sebijik macam MULUT..bila orang tu RAJIN gosok gigi, so mulut dia wangi..kalau PEMALAS, busuk la..takkan wangi kott...''

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SMALL big girl..


Holla peeps..it has been so long since I keep updating for last year maybe..frankly speaking, my scheduled was packed like a sardine,and as a conclusion, i dont have so much time to spend for blogging..such an excuese haa..

But im not gonna take so long time to chat about this thing which is not too important to talk about, just to say sorry about my doings..haha...

Lets go, we make it short, simple and nice..here i wanna shares with u guyz  a small side of me..about who i am..where i’m from..what my status..kahkah..and etc..

Firstly, i would like to introduce myself to the whole world..walaahh..name given is Siti Nabila Atika binti Abd Halim (such nice name rite?dont be jealous plizz..).. I was born in Muar at Hospital Sultanah Aminah..and now i am 19 years old woman..or kids maybe??..i live at Kg.Serom 2a,ledang... i am last children of 7 siblings..1 sista, and 5 brothers..my mom said, ‘’NABILA ANAK KOREK2..LAST MINUTES DAPAT’’??wuaaaaaa 'sentapp'..alhamdulillah, i still have my super EMAK, whos now at 60 years old age..i do do do do love her so much..and my  beloved ABAH has passed away eight years ago..even i only spent little times with him,but i knows that he really loves me and miss me...:’)

Simple but Complicated..these words describes me so much..as a human, i am really simple..im not picky about things i have,owns, or prefer to have...but as a woman, I a bit complicated..clearly, i am sensitive woman..i do cry when im sad,but i never keeps something bad for so long..i always feel that im not pretty at all, fat, dont have flawless skin and etc..because of these, i never confident facing people, less communicate and having some socials with them..but,after all i believes that there is a part of me which can calms people and thats true,now i have my own prince charming...hahaha...

What is interesting about my life, for me laa..i cant stand to doing nothing, i will make me bored..as for that, i will find anything i wanna do to fulfill my time..i do baking..sewing..cooking..and i also make that as a platform to create a bussiness..i started with cakes..then accept maxi skirts’s order...praise to God, i did it very well i guess..hahaha..awkward during typing this sentences..         

What i wants in this life was not so much..just to be happy and make them happy(family, fiance, fiance’s family, friends, all ppl i used to know)..not blaming others for the probs occur, and forgive who ever makes mistakes intentionally, or not..i wanna be a good daughter, who will always give what i have to make my emak happy..i wanna be a good wife, who will always obey , love and being love by her husband..i wanna be a polite sista where i will not anger with my sibling even they are so much older than me..i just wanna be a nice friend, who will listen to their story and not burden them..lastly i wanna be a great mom to my upcoming  childrens..i hope i have that chances to raise them..ameen..

Knowledge is very important..so what i am doing right now is to get info as much as i can..moreover, this will makes every parent proud of the childs..but please please please, parent must not force kids to achieve what they want without consider their children’s abilities..control them,not force..if this happens, these kids will depressed and worstly create repels and blame the parent for their mistakes in future..

like i said, i am a small girl..kahkah

 turns big and %*#@ after 19 years...haha
 emak... :')  love strong2 (''sayang kuat2")

My Big Family...
future leader of me..

somethings i used to do during free time..
sample of maxi skirts..

So, thats all about me..this is what i describes myself..inner and outer..:)

p/s : ‘’people, it hards to find a good friend, but you can easily try to be a good friend toward your friends..’’