''hidup tu sebijik macam MULUT..bila orang tu RAJIN gosok gigi, so mulut dia wangi..kalau PEMALAS, busuk la..takkan wangi kott...''

Iblis: aku merasa hairan dengan manusia, mereka mencintai Allah tetapi mereka melakukan maksiat kepadaNya. Mereka membenciku, tetapi mereka menurutiku

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

“Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

"Kita dilahirkan dengan 2 buah telinga di kanan dan di kiri, supaya kita dapat mendengarkan semuanya dari dua buah sisi. Untuk berupaya mengumpulkan pujian dan kritikan dan memilih mana yang benar dan mana yang salah."

Sunday, December 2, 2012


just a quick update,

to share with u gaiz about what i really like during surfing internet..
firstly, i do do do really love to watch MAT LUTFI videos, not because of he's handsome or cute what so ever,
but the idea of his videos really impress me..he is a bit sarcasm, and do teach people in an interesting way..
here i attaches the link of the owesome videos!!

check it out..
--->  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=matluthfi90&oq=mat&gs_l=youtube.1.0.0l10.768.1064.0.3523.

he got a brilliant brain..

and one more things, it is about de fashion..
a muslimah fashion actually..
she do chic, vintage, and smart cute appearance..
and if you wanna know her better just
search at this  --->http://www.myamethyst-shea.com/

shea rasol!!
admire.. T..T

and i hope there is a shares moment between you guys with me here...

last but not least, bubye..assalamualaikum

Saturday, December 1, 2012


assalamualaikum gaiz...

so as i told u before, i had a small business, which i started since last year..
the business basically are based on what i done with my free time, such as making out de skirts, cakes, and dealer for woman wear...

i have managed the sites as to make it as easy as breathing for yaa...
so take a look guys..

*YOU JUST NEED TO SELECT THE DETAILS ( at the top of this blog )
*WRITE ALL THE CODES IN THE ORDER FORM ( select at the 'procedures' )

tq..  :)


assalamualaikum frenzss..

i just wanna asking u ollz, have u heard about MEG WHITMAN before this?
as i knows, she is the woman behind 'e-Bay'..she running the type of company that will be more common in the future, a company with minimum actual employees and maximum profitability..sound interesting haa..

just in 2005, eBay had over 125 million registered users...(i want i want)..they do all of the selecting of products, pricing, buying, selling and shipping...none of them is an employee..over 430000 people earn most or all of their income selling products on eBay..just imagine, if eBay employeed these 430000, it would be the largest employer rather that Wal-Mart..

yet eBay has grown faster in its first 8 years, measured by revenues, than any other company and has been very profitable..i wanna cry knowing this T__T..

she really attracted me to admire her..how did she manage about 125 million people who are not employees of her? but guess what, Whitman does it very well..she talks to buyers and sellers in eBay's annual conference..she listens in on calls with buyers and sellers, she has established strong credibility not only with de huge eBay users but also with the employees and investor..

when she says that she going to do something, she does it..( i thinks everybody should has the same spirit like her)..but unfortunately...

whitman has been very successful until now and always being selected for business magazine to interview again and again..:)

p/s what i saw in the good side of whitman is that she is good in facing her people which mean he has the ability to manage her company internally and externally..she also smart to run the company based on online method that give advantages for her..she used B2B and B2C..

Friday, November 30, 2012



guyz, i am a student.. just in first semester..here i stand at almost the end of the sem..i have another five sem to go through..i quiet hard i guess, because this sem have give a lots of hard time and i dont know what will be happened another sems..

frankly speak, i not really like management subject (intro to info system)..it is kind of boring..my lecturer is too kind to wake me up from dreaming in class..not only me,its majority..

but seriously, after a few weeks keep dreaming, i start to realize..it is not my lecturer's fault..it is our faults..
we must be glad that our lecturer do not angry and always be patience towards our behaviors..we should hear what he is talking in front..because its full of experiences..he always did well, just because some people dont realize it yet..

what is important, we willing to learn..force ourselves to like the subject and then we will find the joys of doing that..

this subject teach me a lot..what i not know before,i known now..its business study..about how the internet functioning as a land of business...how the data being process through the technologies..about how systems join together to form a function etc...it just interesting..i dont lie..

wireless technologies are the most impressing topic for me..
huuhuhu...it is because i dont know how the internet can be connected into my laptop.
i do really curious before, i wanna google it, but always delay...hahahaha..

this topic has shows me how the signals being transmitted without wires over the air or in space..this signal will be accepted by satellite(several satellite for several main) then transmit data via line of sight.

satellite transmission

another communication transmission that is by radio transmission that uses radio-wave frequency to send data between transmitter and receivers, and by infrared transmissions..

microwave transmission

infrared transmission


one more thing about this subject that make me glad is because i would like to organize my small business..
and i'll talk more about it in my next post in shaa Allah..stay tuned guys...love yaa..

p/s MR.HARUN thanks for all your kindness..:)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

in tied..


hmmmm...dont know what to begin with..
maybe its because i'm too nervous or too excited about this..
maybe t s not 'maybe' but OF COURSE!!! huehue

straight to de point, i'm already taken..yeayyyy!!

i never imagine this gonna be happened at my teen ages..for some people,maybe they will take a bad thought towards this situation..but for me, alhamdulillah i know i can do great..

I started knowing him since i was form one..and we getting seriously serious about this two and a half years..
we from the same area..his house just 20 minutes from mine..but, we rarely having a date or meet each other..what i can says that we are shy...kahkah..

My lovely man is 2 years older than me.it means, he got his 21 years old, and mine is 19 years old..
despite with these young ages, we grown up 4 years forward innerly..maybe some of the friends noticed how we do in the real life..its a bit differ from the other teenagers..

Honestly,i agreed that he is a handsome guy..he got white skin and tough figure (sometimes, i feel that i not perfect for him,and when i told this, he will make a bad face..huhu)..but what leads me to accept him is that i love how he protects me..even we not touch or hold hands together, i can feel something like a breeze, calm my heart..

He loves to cook..and got experts in that side..after his SPM, he went to KL and be accepted to take part in 
some big hotel, Hilton, Renaissance..he cooks for big people and that really impressed me..
after several years, he got to organize his family's business..then he returned to muar..currently, he having his own place to serve food toward people.. alhamdulillah , so far there is no quiet situation..its always fully occupied by people who love his food..

He most handsome when he do cooking front of me..   :')

time runs..
we do in such relationship, called couple..
Until when he tells me he wanna take me as his wife..heaven!!there's no word to describe my feeling..at that moment, i was studying at matriculation college..so, what i told him? jeng jeng jeng.. of course lahh, i told him to  meet my family..so that we can be bonded together,tightly...hehe...
what surprised me was that, he was not afraid or worried at all..he said, what ever will be happened,he will always loving me, even if my family rejects him..he said that, if we're destined together, we will be together no matter what...i hold the words..

after all discussion between me and my mom, and between his family, 'MERISIK' event occurs at 17th September 2012..teeheee...praise to god, there was no problem, and my side accepted him as a family to be..alhamdulillah..actually, this event caused our heart jumping all around..afraid to face a hard situation..

as planned from the RISIK event, we finally got engaged each other..and the day was on 28th oct 2012..^^
a very beautiful day going as smooth as we wanted..alhamdulillah everything were superb..the happiness greatly superb..

in shaa ALLAH, it wont take so long to just be FIANCE &FIANCEE..we plans to tied the knot as soon as possible..hehehe...i hope everything will go well..now,i struggles running towards scholarship..so that, it will helps for our better life..

sweet like a sugar,
blooming with the flowers...

heahhhh..lets the pictures paint you of the happiness of us..here we go..

both sides..

 accepted by mom.. :')

we engaged...   :) :) :)
haha..mom has been forced to hold that..

no shy...

9 vs 7

his family

we do peach...

:)..hope this will end with the happy marriage and lovely family..
in shaa ALLAH...  :')

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SMALL big girl..


Holla peeps..it has been so long since I keep updating for last year maybe..frankly speaking, my scheduled was packed like a sardine,and as a conclusion, i dont have so much time to spend for blogging..such an excuese haa..

But im not gonna take so long time to chat about this thing which is not too important to talk about, just to say sorry about my doings..haha...

Lets go, we make it short, simple and nice..here i wanna shares with u guyz  a small side of me..about who i am..where i’m from..what my status..kahkah..and etc..

Firstly, i would like to introduce myself to the whole world..walaahh..name given is Siti Nabila Atika binti Abd Halim (such nice name rite?dont be jealous plizz..).. I was born in Muar at Hospital Sultanah Aminah..and now i am 19 years old woman..or kids maybe??..i live at Kg.Serom 2a,ledang... i am last children of 7 siblings..1 sista, and 5 brothers..my mom said, ‘’NABILA ANAK KOREK2..LAST MINUTES DAPAT’’??wuaaaaaa 'sentapp'..alhamdulillah, i still have my super EMAK, whos now at 60 years old age..i do do do do love her so much..and my  beloved ABAH has passed away eight years ago..even i only spent little times with him,but i knows that he really loves me and miss me...:’)

Simple but Complicated..these words describes me so much..as a human, i am really simple..im not picky about things i have,owns, or prefer to have...but as a woman, I a bit complicated..clearly, i am sensitive woman..i do cry when im sad,but i never keeps something bad for so long..i always feel that im not pretty at all, fat, dont have flawless skin and etc..because of these, i never confident facing people, less communicate and having some socials with them..but,after all i believes that there is a part of me which can calms people and thats true,now i have my own prince charming...hahaha...

What is interesting about my life, for me laa..i cant stand to doing nothing, i will make me bored..as for that, i will find anything i wanna do to fulfill my time..i do baking..sewing..cooking..and i also make that as a platform to create a bussiness..i started with cakes..then accept maxi skirts’s order...praise to God, i did it very well i guess..hahaha..awkward during typing this sentences..         

What i wants in this life was not so much..just to be happy and make them happy(family, fiance, fiance’s family, friends, all ppl i used to know)..not blaming others for the probs occur, and forgive who ever makes mistakes intentionally, or not..i wanna be a good daughter, who will always give what i have to make my emak happy..i wanna be a good wife, who will always obey , love and being love by her husband..i wanna be a polite sista where i will not anger with my sibling even they are so much older than me..i just wanna be a nice friend, who will listen to their story and not burden them..lastly i wanna be a great mom to my upcoming  childrens..i hope i have that chances to raise them..ameen..

Knowledge is very important..so what i am doing right now is to get info as much as i can..moreover, this will makes every parent proud of the childs..but please please please, parent must not force kids to achieve what they want without consider their children’s abilities..control them,not force..if this happens, these kids will depressed and worstly create repels and blame the parent for their mistakes in future..

like i said, i am a small girl..kahkah

 turns big and %*#@ after 19 years...haha
 emak... :')  love strong2 (''sayang kuat2")

My Big Family...
future leader of me..

somethings i used to do during free time..
sample of maxi skirts..

So, thats all about me..this is what i describes myself..inner and outer..:)

p/s : ‘’people, it hards to find a good friend, but you can easily try to be a good friend toward your friends..’’

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

haha...gelak je aku mampu...

tapi btul, ini skadar prkongsian..
bukan tujuan nak gedik2..
selamat mencuba dan slamat beramal..

Thursday, July 5, 2012



hmm nak kata kambek pon tak kambek sgat la..memang hakikatnya dah lama dah tggalkan dunia blog ni..kesuntukan masa untuk hupdate memang mnyukarkan aku mnulis..tapi bila aku tgok balik blogger.com ni,tetiba rase teruja tu datang menjelma..''wah,dah berubah sehh,sejak bila nih..''dalam hati aku..aku godek2,pastu rase bingung plak..ni canggih sikit,tapi mcam susahkan aku sikit la..lantak la kan..

i just want to say ASSALAMUALAIKUM kawan2..
hope to build a good views here..again..

Friday, April 8, 2011


Beritahu pada muslimah itu 
dirinya ibarat kaca;
disentuh terguris, 
dihantuk serpih, 
dihempap berkecai. 

Beritahu pada muslimah itu 
jaga tutur kata;
cakap tinggi nanti dibenci,
terlalu rendah dipijak pula, 
cakap sombong mengundang lawan, 
hati-hati meluah kata, 
kerana pulut santan binasa,
kerana mulut badan binasa. 

Beritahu pada muslimah itu
jaga tingkah laku; 
harga diri letaknya di situ,
jangan meluru ikut telunjuk nafsu, 
sesekali tersilap langkah, 
akan dihukum selamanya, 
keturunan dicerca payah, 
menyesal kemudian bukan faedah.

Beritahu pada muslimah itu 
jaga pakaian;
ia cermin peribadi, 
juga lambang bangsa,
di mana dan dalam keadaan macam manapun, 
biar orang kenal...Dia orang ISLAM. 

Beritahu pada muslimah itu 
simpan secebis malu; 
kerana malu itu,
sebahagian dari iman...

"Kebijaksanaan menjanjikan kejayaan dan kebahagiaan tetapi jika disalahgunakan akan mewujudkan penderitaan"

Thursday, April 7, 2011










tangan bau ikan, mulut bau LONGKANG...

assalamualaikum para penggemar belog abil sekalian..
perghh ayat blagak cam folower beriban...haha
ouhh pelishhh...

okay today's lesson is about mulut longkang..
you know what is mulot longkang??
mulut longkang nie aku kategorikan sebagai mulut jahat..
busuk dengan kata2 kesat...keje nye asik kluarkan nada2 mencarut tahap berat...

yang aku nak sentuh kat sini,
''tangan bau ikan, mulut bau longkang..''
''pergi dapor siang ikan, mulut mencarut2..''

paham2 la, kaum hawa kini banyak buat kesilapan...
kaum adam pon banyak jugak, tapi kelihatan buruk benar
bile perempuan yang buat kesilapan tu..
paham kan??

wahai wanita2 UMNO, PAS, PKR dan sebagainya,
mulut kita cantik kan??bibir kita menawan kan??
tapi kenapa ade segelintir kawan2 kita suke benar mencarut2...
kalau stakat 'sengal' 'bengong' bley consider lgi...
ni sampai tahap kritikal cair taik telinga orang mendengar..

*B*D0HH!! ...
*B*BI !!
*PU*D*K !!


AISEHH, aku taip pon berdesing telinga...
ape prasaan mencarut2 ekk??
nikmat kahh?? ...
ouh pehlishh la, pakai dah cantik2...
tudung dah labuh tutup dada, tapi mulut kurengg!!

wanita itu dilahirkan sinonim dengan sikap lemah lembut, sopan budi bicara,
bukan menggoda okayyy...jangan liuk lentuk suare ala2 miss mak nyah pulekk...
meremang pulak bulu roma lelaki dengar, tak pasal2 bernanah telinga...haha
so, bercakaplah elok2..kan suwiitt...

aku tak dpat byangkan macam mane perempuan suke mencarut marah2 selepas kahwin..
''kenapa buat sepah nie, abang nie BAB* lahh!! "  ????   kann, kne sebijik...haha
 naya lelaki dye..parah2..

so ape lagi girls yang terbabit tu, meh kite ubah diri kite pelan2...
tukar lah nickname mncarut tu kpada yg lbih elok sikit...
WHAT THE FISH ke..BERTUAH ke..kan kiutt sikit tu..maksud pon tak lucah..

kadang2 anggota kemaluan jugak yg dicanang2 sebagai bahasa mulut,
malu aku dengar.. ape reaksi mak bapak kita kalau dengar kita mencarutt?..
mungkin mereka akan rasa mereka gagal mendidik anak dengan baik...
plis letak diri anda di tempat mereka..hancur hati mereka..kuciwa2...

tolong jangan timbulkan isu diskriminasi pasal nie..
dok bergaduh kenapa lelaki marah perempuan mencarut, sedangkan mereka sendiri
mencarut.. bagi aku, lelaki punya hak untuk menegur, mereka ketua kita kawan2..
ape yang mereka tegur tu ade hikmah dan kebaikannya..
jangan timbulkan isu hak sama rata antara lelaki dan perempuan..
Tuhan ciptakan hidup untuk ADAM dan HAWA hanya sebagai peneman...
mereka adelah hero, tapi kita bukan heroin..
paham2kan lah...
jangan kite yang watak sampingan nie megah diri nak jadi hero..
ALLAH sudah tetapkan sejak azali lagi...

kita punya hati lembut wahai wanita...
hati kita tak sekeras hati lelaki, hati kita mudah dilentur..
jadi, kita ambillah pengajaran dengan hati yang terbuka..
jangan tegas2 nak tegakkan pendirian yang salah tu..jangan ego..
jadilah muslimah yang baik untuk muslimin...

ALLAH  tidak suka kita bercakap buruk dan keji..

- "Diriwayatkan bahawa orang yang keji percakapannya dan suka menyebarkan kekejian akan didatangkan pada hari kiamat dalam bentuk anjing atau dalam usus anjing".

"Syurga adalah haram dimasuki oleh orang yang keji percakapannya" (Ibnu Abi al-Dunya dan Abu Naim); 

 "Hendaklah kamu menjauhkan diri daripada menutur kata-kata yang keji, kerana Allah tidak suka kata-kata yang keji dan perbuatan menyebarkan kekejian" (al-Hakim dan Ibnu Hibban);

- Sabda Rasulullah saw bermaksud: “Sesiapa yang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat, maka hendaklah dia berkata yang baik atau dia diam.” – (Hadis riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

kesimpulannya LELAKI atau PEREMPUAN mesti menjaga percakapan...sebab ALLAH menjanjikan balsan yang baik kepada orang yang mengerjakan suruhanNYA...

sile lihat bagaimana budak sekecil ini berkata2 kesat..
kalau akulah mak dye, aku menagis tengok akhlak dia..
ambil sebagai pengajaran, bukan untuk mengaibkan..

lihat juga video harapan kaum adam kepada hawa...

sekian dari abill...selamat beramal...

peace no war...  yayy

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

jangan telanjang di merata-rata...

assalamualaikum hangpa2 sekalian...
huyoo ngantok sehh...
laporr plak tuh..baru bangun tidoq, terus terniat nak post satu entry..
sudah menjadi kebiasaan post entry kat tyme2 banyak syaiton ni rojim nie..nyiahaha

entry ini hanya sesuai untuk kaum wanita..
yang lelaki tak payoh baco pon tak ngapo..baca pon elok..
yang ANU DALAM BOTOL aku rasa lagi patott baco..hahaha

okayy kite masuk fasa SERIUS dan STRET TO DE POINT!

berhijab...bertudung litup, bukan sperti mak2 datin tua tak sedor diri yang pakai tudung jambul terlepas dari kawasan tu okeh..tu memang dasar tak sedorr diri tahap kritikal...ciss...
ape lagi nak panggil..AWEK TUDUNG...perempuan baik2..??tak semua...
sebab ade yang kate, pakai tudung nak tutup LOVE BITES..apekehe???

rambut adelah aurat, tapi aurat bukan rambut sahaja...

*korang pernah lihat atau terpakai lah senang kate, BAJU TANPA LENGAN tapi lilit tudung atos kpale??
bohong la tak pernah tengok kan..BERLAMBAK JEK KAT PASAR2 MALAM..
kalau tangan putih bersih licin mulus plus suci tak pe, nie ade yang berkudis..ade gak berbulu tebal.. ??

*anda2 pernah tengok tak perempuan2 pakai tudung nampak leher?? aku pernah oo..dye duk pakai ntah macam mane ntah, terkeluaq leher dia..mungkin sanggul belakang tinggi sangat sampai tak cukup kain untuk tampung keluasan tanah..manekan tidak, sanggul palsu jek dah tutup pandangan depan aku..ciss...
dapat  leher yang suci gebu, seronoklah buaya2 lihat..wink2 juling2 mate mereko..

*pernah nampak tak wanita2 muslimah berjilbab, tapi pakai baju ketat tahan napas???
kalau cakap tak pernah nampak, memang korang duduk bawah tempurung teman katak la..
merata je, carik kat google jek dah bley lihat..BERLAMBAK..sangat...keketatan baju adelah berbaiz adik2 dan dipakai dengan memaksa badan untuk mengecut sikit..kasik tayang itu buah dada..kasi tayang jugak itu bentuk badan yang fuhhyoohh..jangan hairan lah knapa banyak kes rogol, kalau dah pakai baju macam tak pkai jek, takkan laki yang bernafsu tinggi nak duk diam je,,ye dakk??
kalaupon lelaki2 tu tak rogol, tapi nafsu mereka tetap terangkat disebabkan perempuan jenis ketat2 nie, so dosa tangung bahagi same2 lah kan..sebab tu ramai dak laki marah kenapa girl2 skrang pakai legging, ade maksud tersirat rupenye..tolong rakan2, JANGAN SEKSA BATIN MEREKA...haha

*golongan nie paling banyak aku rase..golongan wanita2 anggun muslimah, bertudung litup, baju ketat baju longgar , masing2 berjemaah buat perkara yang satu nie..dapat agak tak anggota mana yang bnyak muslimah2 kini abaikan??biar aku bagitau bagi yang kureng tau..anggota yang senang mereka dedahkan adelah KAKI..
tu haa yang terjegul kat bawah tu, kaki..kaki adelah aurat kita wahai wanita..yang bukan aurat hanya muka dan tapak tangan..so, kita diwajebkan pakai stokin ataupun kasut yang menutup kaki seperti SNICKERS dan KEROKSS..english education..haha..kalau berani, pakailah baju kurung pink plus snickers biru gelap, gempak beb...haha...buat lah macam mane, asalkan tutup kaki kita..ok??


marilah kawan2, kite ubah diri..kalau kita ubah cara kita, dosa2 lelaki jugak akan terbendung..
jangan kacau gejolak perasaan mereka..jangan tayang benda hak milik kita depan mereka..takut mereka tak mampu menahan nafsu..serius aku cakap, aku bukan nak berkata lucah ngan korang..tapi kene cakap stret, takut ade yang duk buat2 tak paham kann...LELAKI BLEY BERDARAH HIDUNG TENGOK ASET KORANG YANG BESAR TU..sebab mak aku cakap, lelaki ade sesuatu yang bley terangsang...
ANU DALAM BOTOL..hahaha...nak tergelak time taip nie, jangan ade yang terangsang sudehh...

kawan2, nak bergaya boleh..tapi biar kena pada hukum nya...kalau tak mampu bertudung labuh sepertu ustazah2 sekolah agama pondok, penjangkan je tudung yang kita pakai selalu untuk menutup dada.. 
kalau tak mampu pakai jubah, cukuplah pakai pakaian yang longgar2....contohnya menukar jeans kepada skirt labuh atau seluar harem pants..jangan pakai legging...jangan, klau buat lagi memang tempah tiket seksaan berat la..

ape yang aku tegur nie ade hikmah nye..dan sape2 yang berubah selepas baca nie, alhamdulillah la..
tapi bagi yang tetap degil, astaghfirullah la...semua terpulang pada ALLAH, sama ade mngampuni kita
atau tidak.. kat sini aku nak selitkan beberapa hadis yang berkaitan isu nie, moga dapat dijadikan
pengajaran untuk kita semua..

“ akan muncul dalam kalangan umatku di akhir zaman, kaum lelaki yang menunggang sambil duduk di atas pelana, lalu mereka turun di depan pintu-pintu masjid. Wanita-wanita mereka( isteri mereka atau anak perempuan), berpakaian tetapi seperti bertelanjang ( nipis&ketat). Di atas kepala mereka pula(wanita) terdapat bonggolan (sanggul atau tocang) seperti bonggol unta yang lemah gemalai. Oleh itu laknatlah mereka semua. Sesungguhnya mereka adalah wanita-wanita yang terlaknat”- hadith riwayat Ahmad, jil.2, ms. 223.

Nabi Muhammad bersabda :

Ertinya : “Ada dua golongan dari ahli neraka yang belum pernah saya lihat keduanya itu: (1) Kaum yang membawa cambuk seperti ekor sapi yang mereka pakai buat memukul orang (penguasa yang kejam); (2) Perempuan-perempuan yang berpakaian tetapi telanjang, yang cenderung kepada perbuatan maksiat dan mencenderungkan orang lain kepada perbuatan maksiat, rambutnya sebesar punuk unta. Mereka ini tidak akan boleh masuk syurga, serta tidak dapat akan mencium bau syurga, padahal bau syurga itu tercium sejauh perjalanan demikian dan demikian.” (Riwayat Muslim)

"Katakanlah kepada wanita yang beriman:

"Hendaklah mereka menahan pandangannya,dan memelihara kemaluannya, dan janganlah

mereka menampakkan perhiasannya,kecuali yang (biasa) nampak daripadanya.
Dan hendaklah mereka menutupkan kain tudungke dadanya, dan janganlah menampakkan perhiasannya,
kecuali kepada suami mereka, atau ayah mereka,atau ayah suami mereka, atau putera-putera mereka,atau putra-putra suami mereka, atau saudara-saudaralaki-laki mereka, atau putera-putera saudara
laki-laki mereka, atau putra-putra saudara perempuan mereka, atau wanita-wanita Islam, atau budak-budak
yang mereka miliki, atau pelayan-pelayan laki-laki yang tidak mempunyai keinginan (terhadap wanita)
atau anak-anak yang belum mengerti tentang aurat wanita. Dan janganlah mereka memukulkan kakinya agar diketahui perhiasan yang mereka sembunyikan. Dan bertaubatlah
kamu sekalian kepada Allah, hai orang-orang yang beriman supaya kamu beruntung".
Surah An.Nuur (31)

kesimpulannya, meninggalkan sedikit hal tentang aurat sudah bley dianggap anda berbogel di depan khalayak..
jadi, jom kite berubah..jom!!yaayyy!!

banyak manfaat kite lebih menitik beratkan aurat nie..moga kita terhindar dari sebarang dosa..aminn.. :)
sekian dari cek abil CUMA...

p/s :   *jangan pakai seksi2 dalam rumah, abang2, ayah dan adik adelah lelaki..
         *patut ramai lelaki hentam perempuan2 pakai legging..paham2 je lah kan..haha
          so renung2kan dan selamat beramal.. :)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

dulu seorang, sekarang berdua...

kalau dah mato bertontang mato...
hati didalam bagoi nok gilor....

harini aku hepi gilee..
sebab aku buat title tak dok kne mgena ngan entry...
hahaha....saje carik trafik..boleyy...bley blah...

sebenarnye nak ceciter ngan sumer...
cehh, bukan nak riak tau..nak kongsi2 jek..
ade paham...
jangan risau, entry nie tak berbaur PENGGODAAN...

aku juz nak citer, aku dah dapet spek mate baru heyy...
heyy he ya hayyy, mari kita gembira...ho ho ora ...blalala

kan dulu aku penah ceciter kat entry nie yang aku nak sangat spek mate baru..
manekan tidak, klau aku jalan2 pegi memane, aku hanya nampak TUBUH BADAN..
tak ke haru kalau yang hensem aku kate hodoh sikit...
yang hodoh aku kate ensem gile..
lagi gile kalau aku cakap perempuan padahal laki..

alhamdulillah lah skarang dah bley nampak wajah2 suci remaja duk lepak
kat shuping kumpeliks muar bernama WETEX PARADE yang super hott..
dah boley cam muke..hahaha....klau sblum nie, muke sume same..PLAIN...

memilih FOCUS POINT sebagai tempat optikal terpilih,
satu bentuk cermin mato telah selamat ditempahh...
ditempah dengan kadar URGENT okeyy...
sebab aku dah kene marah..
nyaris2 masuk wad sebab tak pakai cermin mata...
dah terhantuk baru nak terngada-ngada...
hahah rosak bahasa aku..

alhamdulillah nyawa masih panjang..
masih sempat kahwin mungkin...(mood menggatal)

naseb baik ALLAH tak tarik lagi nikmat mata..
masih sempat tengok sang lelaki dok berjabat tangan tuk kadi...
nyiahaha sekali lagi..

mule2 aku konfius gile nak pilih design mane..
yang level murah2 jek aku tengok..
nak tengok yang converse or bonia takut berdarah plak idung..
tengok punye survey, aku shortlistkan kpada dua choices..
satu half frame..satu full frame ala2 oldskool sikit..
last2 aku decide amik yang old school skit tu..
sebab aku takut klau aku pakai half frame nnty comel sangat...
takut gak klau ade orang konpius aku nie anak dara ke mak dara...ngahaha
macam pengetua2 pon ado jugek..CISS!!!!
 ''UMUR AKU 18 HOKEYY....jangan dok ngade2 kate aku nie menantu EMAK AKU!!!''

hangin gak kadang2...
ape nak buat..
dah nampak matang sangat mungkin..hahaha...
takpe2...yang penting IC aku masih gambar tyme darjah enam..
yang duk pakai tudung senget benget...
muke malu2 nak senyum.alahaiii...
macam mintak cubitan manje je..haha

so skrang nie mate dah terang..alhamdulillah...
dunia kini ceria melihat riak2 wajah sekeliling yang kadang2 sweet gile, kadang2 annoying gile..
kalau nak kate aku cam makcik2 pon ade aku kesah...
ko kena cekal nabila..yehhh..

jadi mari aku pertontonlan cermin mate tu..
sape yang rase nak termenyampah, sile klik butang pangkah kat atas k...
cisss...aku cakap awal2 nie...

sebelummm.. makcik2

selepas...makcik2 jugakk..

p/s : sape2 yang terasa rabun sile buat cermin mate dengan cepatt..sebelum anda masuk wad dengan tahap yang kritis sambil menangis melihat jarum besar duk cucuk tang tangan anda...silekan.. :)

sekian dari abil cuma..assalamualaikum...

Friday, April 1, 2011



RM 40




Monday, March 28, 2011

pantun buat wanita... wohaa

assalamualaikum..harini cik abil nak 
kongsi2 pantun..sape2 brani jawab, sile jawab..
akan ku balas nanti..haha

Baju nipis nampak bayang

Peha gebu saja ditayang
Lebih baik tak pakai baju senang
Dah tentu boleh tunjuk terang-terang

Baju ketat seluar sendat
Pakai tudung just ikat-ikat
Dari mula memang bukan adat
Disudut agama pun gaya tak berkat

Tudung jarang baju nipis
Pakai sikit boleh nampak ‘garis’
Mata orang terbeliak, kita membengis
Bila kena kutuk, kenapa menangis

Lengan pendek blaus gantung
Jeans ketat melekat dipunggung
Jadi orang Islam ni sebenarnya beruntung
Agama tak suruh berbungkus macam pocong

Apa rasanya, kepala bertudung, kain terbelah
Kalau takat rambut orang kurang ghairah
Lain kalau peha gebu atau ternampak lurah
Mata yang memandang boleh keluar darah

Kebaya ketat, kain terbelah
Ikat tudung macam tak sudah
Nak ikut suruhan agama memang tak mudah
Tapi Islam sebenarnya indah

Tutup aurat bukan suruh berselubung
Sampai tak nampak muka dan hidung
Yang faham tuntutan amat beruntung
Taklah bersungut mulut pun muncung

Dah kalau mula minat nak bertudung
Cubalah sesuaikan apa yang disarung
Kalau masih rasa jiwa tu ‘mendung’
Maknanya nafsu tu belum dapat dibendung

Bertudung itu bukan satu paksaan
Ianya lebih kepada keinsafan
Selalunya nafsu masih dikuasai syaitan
Itu la pasal fesyen pun yang bukan-bukan

Asal menutup aurat itu tuntutan
Kalau dianggap susah, tu sebab bosan
Yang ye nya hati tak berkenan
Tu yang berjela-jela mencipta alasan

Menutup aurat satu syariat
Kepada agama kita taat
Hidup berkat pahala berlipat-lipat
Didunia selamat, di akhirat hebat

pantun..cedit to  Marouane Chamakh

meh kite jadikan pedoman k para ladies...
nak masyuk syurga kan??meh2.. :)